Best Ways to Get Rid of Pet Hair Around the House

Pets are loyal companions, as they are always by your side, showering you with love and affection bringing so much joy to your life. But among so many benefits there are also some downsides about having a pet in your house, and the number one disadvantage is pet hair. Today, we will offer you some great solutions to get rid of pet hair around the house, so read more in the article below.

Is pet hair dangerous or not?

Animal hair is not extremely dangerous to people’s health, opposite to what most people think. However, animal hair can be dangerous to an extend and this is due to a parasite that lives in the animal’s fur that affects the internal organs of the human body. If the pet is vaccinated by a veterinarian, then animal hair pretty much represents no danger at all.

If you swallow pet hair by accident, don’t panic too much because it will not cause a life-threatening disease, unless you have a specific pet hair allergy. The main reason is that it cannot cause any damage to the internal organs as it contains keratin, a substance that cannot be digested by the stomach. As a result, hair will be removed from the body later on when you use the bathroom. Pet hair allergy is the most common affliction and can affect both children and adults of all ages. However, the allergy itself is not actually triggered by pet hair, but by a certain protein that can be found in urine, saliva or the animal’s stool.

For cats, this protein is called FEL D1, and in dogs it is of two types, CAN F1 and CAN F2. Main symptoms of allergy include nasal congestion, cough, sneezing and skin irritation. Unfortunately, these types of allergens can survive inside your home for a long time, especially if you do not vacuum often or use an air purifier. In addition, if parents are allergic to animal hair, children can inherit this allergy easily. The moment you notice any of these signs, consult a doctor.

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair in your home

To easily clean dog or cat hair, you can use several household appliances that have special functions to help you tackle this problem. A good vacuum cleaner designed for this purpose is one of the most effective solutions to help you quickly get rid of pet hair in the house. Look for a vacuum cleaner with integrated brushes for hair removal, especially for upholstery or carpet. If you use a classic vacuum cleaner, opt for one that comes with a HEPA filter that will not allow the dust to get back into the air and thus cause further allergies.

Invest in a good quality air purifier

If you have many pets, you need to know that hair is not always found on your sofa or carpet, it can also get into the air and cause allergies especially to people that have a sensitivity to allergens. That is why it is necessary to invest in a good air purifier that eliminates animal hair and keeps the air quality at an optimal level. The air purifier will also get rid of dust or dander from your pets and overall increase the air quality in your home.

Inexpensive solutions to get rid of pet hair

  • Cleaning brushes

Apart from home appliances that help you quickly get rid of pet hair around your house, you can also opt for other practical solutions that are more affordable but as efficient. Cleaning brushes represent an affordable solution but it’s more time consuming. Use a brush with rough bristles if you want to get rid of pet hair from the carpet. You can also dampen the brush in a solution with equal parts lukewarm water, carpet detergent, laundry conditioner or vinegar and then thoroughly clean the carpet to remove the excess pet hair.

  • Rubber gloves

Rubber gloves are also useful when you want to clean the hair from the sofa or carpet. Put on your gloves, dampen them with a bit of water and run them over the surface you want to clean. The hair will stick to the gloves straight away. When the gloves are full of hair, rinse them and repeat the process until you remove all cat or dog hair from the surface.

  • Adhesive tape

Adhesive tapes are also effective in getting rid of pet hair around your house. You can use adhesive tape rollers (lint rollers) or you can simply wrap a wide piece of adhesive tape
around your hand and run it over the surface you want to clean. It works best on carpets or when you want to get rid of the pet hair from your clothes.

How to keep pet hair under control

If you want to minimize the amount of pet hair in the house, it is necessary to look after your pet and use small daily measures that will make a difference in long term. Depending on the type of amount of hair that your pet is shedding, don’t forget to brush your pet daily or at least once every 2-3 days with a special brush, slightly dampened or with special gloves for removing pet hair.

Cat or dog hair can fall due to hormonal problems, so if you notice that there is a large amount of hair shed daily, you should seek advice from a veterinarian . They might prescribe special supplements rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 that give your cat or dog a shiny and healthy fur. A good tip for preventing hair loss is to use a vitamin-rich shampoo. It will thoroughly cleanse your pet’s hair and stop or at least minimize significantly hair loss.

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